Max's Miss Independent

Pics of last night from the polaroid camera I got for my birthday! Read my post here! :)

I had an evening well spent with my grandparents and my brother Ty last night. Earlier in the afternoon, I attended my not-so baby brother Yan's GS graduation. Congratulations to my baby brother for getting in the honor roll! Ate is so proud of you.

While my parents attended Yan's Candlelight dinner, I took my grandparents and my brother Ty out to dinner at Max's Restaurant. My goal this 2013 is to be more independent. I'm entering college in a few month's time and unlike high school, college is a larger and a huge jungle and most decisions will be left up to you. Last night, I had a taste of independency, and I feel happy about about!

It was a splendid evening. We discussed different things over dinner like daily doings, our goals and even some tidbits during the Japanese period. My lolo Roger and lola Mely went home with a happy tummy, grinning ear to ear. Nothing beat's Max's Spring Chicken!