Gift of a Friend

If you've been wondering if the title of this blogpost's a title of a song, well then, you guessed it right! It's sung by Demi Lovato. To be honest, I'm not much of a Lovatic but this is one of my favorite songs sung by her. Studying her background, I can tell she came a long way. She serves as a good role model and is a great advocate of anti-bullying. Just like her, I got bullied when I was in elementary and a few times in high school but I learned how to cope with it. Lesson here is that you can't please everyone. You need to learn how to stand up for yourself and fight. Because of those experiences, I became a stronger person and learned from my mistakes that caused those bullies to pick on me.

Anyway, back to the song! "Gift of a Friend" generally talks about friendship. It speaks of its importance and preciousness. In this case, the reason why I'm writing this down is because of my good friend, Bianca Tamase.

I recently celebrated my 17th birthday. To be honest, I was feeling pretty down that evening. When I got home, I found a surprise waiting for me on my table in my room. It was a yellow, folded paper and two boxes in different sizes. It marked (1), (2), (3) on each of them. It turned out that Bianca dropped by my house to deliver my birthday present.

The yellow folded paper was a lengthy but meaningful letter. I would not rather tell here what she wrote but my heart dropped upon reading every word printed there. After reading it, I opened box number '2'. It was a small box, around the height of an iPhone 5 and the length of a stick of butter. I opened it and was astounded to see a box of film. I wondered what I was gonna do with it if I didn't have a polaroid camera. I opened the next box marked number '3'. Sure enough, there came my answer- a blue polaroid camera.

My dearest Bianca, thank you. Thank you for treasuring our friendship. Thank you for the gift, not just the camera, but also the gift of friendship. Thanks for treating me like your sister. I, too, remember the first time we met- that was summer two years ago and I was at the eyelash bar salon. It's amazing how you remember even the tiniest details about me- what I love, what I hate and what I love to do. We do have a unique friendship and nothing can come in between us. Thank you for all the wonderful memories we made and let the camera freeze all the upcoming one's we'll have together. I hope you'll see this post! I love you. xx