Homozygous White

It feels great to be back on the ice. I haven't been training lately because I've been busy, as mentioned in my previous entry. Ice skaters from my 'generation' gathered last Saturday for a practice for a special event coming this September. I enjoyed skating with them once again. A lot of skaters were absent but hopefully, we'd be complete for the coming practices.

Since I've been stretching and doing warm-ups off the ice, I was still pretty much in shape. Thank God I was still flexible and didn't have much difficulty executing my maneuvers! I had an after-practice session with Angela and Bea and it was a lot of fun.

The fog totally made a totally cool effect in our photos.

My not so straight split. :-(

My awkward face and... hand

Bea and I attempted to do a candid photo of ourselves laughing.. but failed. =))

With Ate Millie Calleja and Angela. I've known her since I've started skating and she's a part of the SM Ice Skating staff. :-)

Real laugh.  :)

Angela and her "Kimmi Dora" peg!

This photo never fails to crack me up. On the bottom part of the photo, you'd see Denz on the left, me in the middle and Angela on the right. Since Denz was unable to attend practice, Ange and I decided to make a 'counterpart photo' from the previous one. By the way, the picture on the lower left was taken during July 2010, when we performed during "gLee: On Ice".

Photo ©redits to Angela Alfonso!