Sool Sisters

Credits to my "personal assistant", Michael Ronces!
Rain is pouring hard outside and rants about class suspensions are all over my Facebook and Twitter timelines. The rainy weather, in my opinion, is the "perfect weather to write", but I was uncertain on what to write about. I asked for suggestions from my followers on what to write about, and I got a request from my one of my old friends, Snow Florendo! She's one of my friends from my school. She just graduated this year and now studies at UST. She's my "sool sister"- it's really spelled that way! She's a simple girl with a nice personality. She has beautiful long hair and she's like an ate to me. I miss seeing her a lot, so I'm going to write about her!

One of my favorite memories of her and I was when we had a photo shoot last October during the semestral break. I was the photographer, she was my model. That was around the time I first got my camera and wanted to try it out! I styled her and did her makeup. Here are some of the best shots I took of her:

Us after the shoot, checking out the photos. :)

One of my favorite pics of Ate Snow and I. Taken during the foundation day of our school.