Photography Madness

Aside from writing, I also love photography!  I don't have plans on pursuing it; taking photos had always been a hobby of mine ever since I started to be more outgoing.  During outings either with my family or with my friends, I'm usually the one that brings the camera, takes the pictures, and uploads it either in my Facebook or Multiply accounts. I also love holding photo shoots with my friends when we're bored.
 I've used different kinds and brands of cameras, but I am most satisfied with what I'm using now- my DSLR, the Canon 1100D. If I don't have my DSLR around, I use the camera apps in my iPhone 4s
For photo editing, I don't use Adobe Photoshop. I use the photo editing apps on my iPhone, Picnik (which the website closed down last 19 April), PixlrPicMonkey. For creating photo collages, I use Photovisi, Collage Maker Lite and Collage Creater; both apps in which I downloaded on my laptop from the App Store.

I love taking pictures of nature and the sky. They're my favorite subjects.

Here are some sample photos I took and edited. You can click on the photo to see a better look of it. Enjoy viewing! ☺

Do you have an Instagram account? Instagram is a photo application where you can take, edit and share photos to other Instagram users. You may 'like' or 'comment' pictures, too! Follow me at ysabenggg. ;-)