The Big Transition: Swim, Bike, Run

"Life is one big TRANSITION-
Swim - Bike - Run"

My dad recently competed at the Subic International Triathlon 2012, also known as SUBIT, last May 6 at Subic, Zambales. My family and I, including the family of my mom's sister, the Magbanuas, went to Subic as well to support him. My dad has competed in other triathlons and marathons, but this race was something he totally prepared for and looked forward to. I remember seeing the excitement in his face when he saw other the other competitors, the bikes, the banners of the competition, the other equipment and the rest of the whatchamacallits for the event. We arrived in Subic a day before the competition so my dad could get a feel of it- in other words, switch on the competition mode. We went around Subic to check out the route for his 1½ km swim, 40 km bike and 10 km run. My dad also attended the briefing the day before the race and he was able to meet old and new racers as well.

On race day, I felt bad not being able to watch him swim nor bike because I had a terrible headache and cramps. Thankfully, the pain lessened and I was able to watch him run his last three kilometers. Regardless standing under the hot, burning sun with body pain; with a crowd of about 150 waiting for other racers to finish, I managed to watch my dad cross the finish line and take a good picture of him. According to him, he "felt so good seeing my family wait for me at the finish line" and were all relieved that he finished the whole race safely despite the fact that he struggled in the biking part and the chains of his bike came off. Praise God for a good marathon for my dad! His next race will be the 5150 on the 24th of June at Subic.

© Rod Sollesta (Photo)
During my dad's 40 km bike.

© Tito Karlo Magpayo (Photo)
Dad with one of his old friends, Tito Reugen.

© Tito Karlo Magpayo
During the briefing.

Taken before the race, it was around 4:30 am.

Dad with Kuya Kim Atienza (ABS-CBN Channel 2's weather man) and Tito Karlo Magpayo, dad's office mate.


Dad with Tito Reugen

My dad's race number- 4111!

'Transitioning' for the 40 km bike after the 1½ km swim

Tita Miles Magbanua and Ate Jourd watched!

My brothers

Last three km!

We made the banner for dad but I wasn't there to hold it. :-(

"Finish line, here I come!"

I took this using the iPhone :)

Dad and a friend he met while racing!

Hooray for dad!

Tito Karlo finished! ... 

.. awaiting him in the finish line is his mom and his son, Gabo.