Party in the USA

Today, I don't feel like doing anything. I just wanna lay in my bed .. literally. But, NOOOO. 

I welcome myself "back to reality". I just arrived from my three week USA vacation last night, and I'm really thankful and blessed for everything-  the time I spent with my immediate family and my relatives that migrated there, the chance to frolic in the snow for the first time, the places and cities I've visited, the time off I had to relax and enjoy myself out of the country, away from the books and stress, the old friends I reunited with, as well as the chance to meet new ones, facing my fears, spending the Christmas Holidays there, etc etc. I can't be thankful enough for everything that had happened. I did learn and experience a lot, and I really thank the Lord that I had the opportunity to do so. It was one memorable trip. A great experience I'll always treasure in my heart.


with my some of my Silverio relatives. Wacky and crazy family. ;-)

with good ol' friends from church!

Playing with my lil' baby cousin, Giuliana!

During my twin uncles' birthday dinner at home! Silverio family love ♡

@ Universal Studios Hollywood

Meeting the Grinch with my cousins!

a view of Hollywood.

with Imhotep the Mummy who literally surprised me.

Taken at the Universal Studios Hollywood shop!

I almost got bitten by Dracula .. guess he's not into photos.

@ Knott's Berry Farm. Wish I could have all the Peanuts characters!

Riding the La Revolución with my cousins! It's a ride where we rotate 360 degrees while simultaneously swinging back and forth in a pendulum motion. Screamed my heart out in this ride!

 @ Medieval Times. Here, we get to watch a show and at the same time, eat dinner just like the "medieval times" way! The show was about knights and games that involved horses. It was fun cheering for the red knight , who won the tournament!

With cousins and brothers during Christmas Eve!

@ the Walk of Fame! Michael Jackson ★

with Spiderman and Superman at the Walk of Fame!

@ the Kodak Theater with my brothers!

with the wax figure of Marilyn Monroe with a good old friend, Ate Lizl!

with my family outside our cabin in Big Bear Mountain!

With a really tall snowman!

Sliding down the icy slope! It was fun!

Playing in the snow with my mom!

Playing in the snow!

Hugging the tall snowman!

Another snowman with the family!

Taken at the Alpine Magic Mountain with my family, about to slide down the hill!

Sliding down Magic Mountain with the Vitangcol clan! This was a lot of fun, and we were the biggest family to slide down the hill!

Meeting my 95 year old great-grandmother, Julilita "Marikina" Vitangcol. 95 years old and still strong. :)

My family with Lola Marikina plus Lola Menchu, my grandfather Lolo Titong's sister.

The entire and complete Vitangcol clan!! Well .. missing is my grandfather, Titong, who passed away many years ago,

Ice skating at Union Square! The rental skates feels new .. I wasn't able to bring my own skates. :(

At the Crooked Road with my family!

A jumpshot with the trolley at the back with my brothers!

Last morning sunshine at Hoover Dam with my family!

At Eagle point with my fam!

Overlooking the Grand Canyon with my family! It was a hot and windy day.

Me, overlooking the Grand Canyon!

"Skywalking" at the Grand Canyon's Skywalk made me face one of my biggest fears- heights. It soars over 4000 ft above the ground, even taller and higher than the Sears Tower in Chicago and Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Walking the streets of Vegas with my brother, Ty.

The Dancing Fountains of Bellagio with my cousin, Brennen!

Countdown to New Year with my family just outside our hotel in Vegas!

Happy New Year!! ✵

@ Wynn Hotel with my family!

Matching shirts with my cousins.. "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"!

Sipping the best strawberry milkshake in the whole wide world in Sugar Factory!

Thank you Lord for everything!! :) I had lotsa fun!