Girls Night Out

Last Saturday night (January 14), I went on a girls night out with my girlfriends from the rink. I finally got the chance to reunite with my girls after being gone for three weeks (see Party in the USA!). We came from a birthday dinner of our ice skating coach, and from there, we went to Eastwood, the mall where we mostly spend our "nights out" at. We caught up with a lot of chikas ("stories" I missed out when I was gone) and roamed the City Walk area of the old Eastwood mall. Since it was getting pretty late and we lacked time, all we did was ride the mechanical bull and jump the trampoline. It was a night full of laughs seeing each and every girl get "knocked out" and fall from the bull. We did somersaults in the trampoline, and it was actually a dream fulfilled for me because I've always wanted to do a somersault in the air, despite the fact that I am acrophobic. We all had body pains for the following week, but it was definitely worth the laughs and fun!

While waiting in line for the mechanical bull ride! (L-R: Denz, Angela, Bea, me)

 Denz on the bullride..

 Angela on the bullride..

 Bea on the bullride..

 Me on the bullride..

Only Angela, Bea and I were successful to create somersaults in the air on the trampoline! Denz tried her best, but she couldn't flip! Good tries, though!

 Angela's flip..

Bea's flip...

Me, about to flip!

Last night, on the other hand, I spent the night again with the same girls as last Saturday. It was my best friend Angela's birthday and she's finally SWEET sixteen! It was also a good way to welcome the long weekend, since it would be Chinese New Year on Monday, which was a holiday.

We had dinner at TGIFriday's (Friday's on a Friday. ;) ) and belted out to songs of famous artists such as Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Katy Perry, and even to the songs of High School Musical! It was fun dancing the steps while singing the songs- not only was it a good workout, but also an opportunity to show off the superstars within ourselves!

 The birthday girl and I!

 Denz singing her favorite, "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele!

 The birthday girl strikes a pose with the microphone!

 Bekilafler forever!

 Denz, Bea and Ange "acting" and singing to "Basang Basa sa Ulan" (Wet in the Rain in English) .. It's a Tagalog song and it's about waiting for something or someone in the rain. Crazy! ;P
 Bea singing...

 Me, singing..

Dancing and singing to "Waka Waka" by Shakira ..

Concert's over! Hahahaha!