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Here I am back again to catch up on what I missed in the blogosphere. I woke up at around 6 am today to get ready for my first class only to find that a typhoon's here again and classes are called off so being my block's president I had to inform my blockmates then happily doozed back to dreamland. 24 hours is never enough for a busy bee like me since there's a lot to juggle and think about but I'm currently enjoying and making the most out of it. College, after all, is a glimpse of our big society so I'm grabbing and seizing every opportunity. :)

Since the second term just started, not much works are given yet so right now I'm idle. It's still pretty dark outside but the rain stopped. There's so much to do and catch up with, I just don't know where to begin. Here I share what I do (and you can do too!)

Family time. I'm not even free on Sundays anymore which are family days but I take the advantage of class suspensions to spend time with them. We eat out, watch movies, go to the grocery and even cheer during UAAP games! 

ADMU vs. DLSU (1 Sept 2013)
Hit the books. Call me a bookworm but this is just one of my simple pleasures. This is something I really missed when I entered college! Snuggling with a book or a magazine and my glasses in bed, I'll be good. I'm currently reading Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green so NO SPOILERS, PLEASE. One of the biggest pet peeves I have are may it be on books, movies or tv shows so I be sure to stay away from the internet when I'm not yet finished.

Just some books of my collection!

Catch up on my favorite TV shows. Okay, I don't watch tv, but I download series on my laptop. Looking forward to the next season of The Carrie Diaries which will come out on October 25 and the last season of How I Met Your Mother which will premiere soon! (I repeat, NO SPOILERS PLEASE.) I cannot wait to see Sebastian Kydd's smolder once again.

Movie marathon. When I can't sleep at night (which happens 90% of the time) I open my laptop and watch movies. Among my favorite movies include Just My Luck, The Internship, The Proposal, The Little Rascals, A Walk To Remember, The Notebook, Tangled, Home Alone,  Enchanted, Princess Diaries 1 &2, Pitch Perfect and The Avengers. Since I'm a fan of chick flicks, I make sure to have a box of tissue ready beside me. 

Explore blogs. With just a click of the mouse, you can expound your knowledge about our world and see it in different perspectives. You get to discover different fashion tastes, cultures and personalities without having to go and be there in person. My favorite bloggers include locals Kryz Uy, Camille Co, Lissa Kahayon, the Enciso sisters, Patricia Prieto, and Arnie Villanueva. For international bloggers, I'm fond of reading blogs of Steffys Pros and ConsFashion ToastBonnie Barton, Lissa Dengler, Kenza Zouiten and Holy Smithereens

Vandalize newspapers. I know, this is pretty mean. Karma will hit me one day if my face is printed on paper but this is something that I have been fond of doing since I was in grade school. It's like .. Snapchat on paper, you know what I mean? The mustaches  the beards, the antlers, the antennas .. yeah. 

Play with apps. My source of entertainment when I'm bored in class (I'm half joking. :P). I'm currently addicted to Minion Rush! Since I just got my phone recently I haven't downloaded much apps but I also play Bookworm, Text Twist, Sally's Salon and Spa, Temple Run 1 & 2, Logos Quiz and Starmaker.

Sing. Blame me for the inclement weather but this seriously helps! I belt out to my favorite songs by Adele, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Pitbull and more by Starmaker, a karaoke app! I get to battle with other players online, too! Admit it, you belt out to your favorite songs in the shower for that echoing, concert-feel effect. Besides, studies show that benefits of singing is boosting one's self-esteem. Ehem. :P

Revive the original game gizmos. The famous ones would be the Gameboy Advance SP, the Gameboy Color and the Playstation Portable during my time. Since I upgraded my Gameboy to a Nintendo DS years back, I play my games and wondrously, my files aren't deleted yet! I was a die-hard Pokémon (strictly Hoenn region) and Harvest Moon player. For Pokémon, I defeated the Elite Four, owned a Grudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza. For Harvest Moon, I played a man so I got married, had my house extended, the Harvest Sprites work for me and I now have a son. My animals have won awards in festivals and my horse is a race champion. Your inner kid's gonna thank you for coming back to play.

Advance reading for school. This is VERY rare and only happens once in a blue moon (I kidd.) This usually happens when my laziness is level is at least 30%. Hahahaha

Middleschool and Highschool Lives Forever.  I'm close to my elementary and high school classmates so when I get the time, I see them. We just hang out and come together, talk like there's no end, reminiscing memories of the good days and sharing our own college experiences. Nothing much has changed with my friends and we still keep in touch. Same goes with my best friends from the ice skating rink. I'm sure you miss your elementary/high school friends as much as I miss mine.

Play the Piano or an Instrument. I used to take piano lessons back in elementary so when I feel the house is too quiet I get a couple of pieces underneath the piano chair and just play. I sometimes play by ear but with simple chords. Now that Christmas is nearing, I'm playing Christmas songs! 

Throwback Thursday, Flashback Friday. When I decide to post a #tbt or #fbf photo on my Instagram I check on tagged photos and albums of different friends on Facebook and reminisce the good old times. May it be haggard or totoy/nene shots, you will always get a good chuckle after viewing each. Good times, good times. 

Throwback - Valentines Day 2011! It's a tradition to go laser tagging every Valentine's Day with my high school classmates. Hahaha!
Bond with the siblings. Being an only girl and ate of two boys, I have no one to share my clothes or makeup with so I'm the one that's got to blend in with my brothers. My attempt? Trying to understand Xbox 2k and playing COD. I may have failed in that part but I still relate to them when the topic Formula 1 racing comes up since my youngest brother is a die-hard fan. We were taught to cherish our siblings, no matter how much you don't get along with each other.

Snapchat. This app is an excuse to send abnormal selfies for less than 10 seconds. It's available on Apple and Andriod so many are using it already. You also get to doodle on your 'snap' photo or video which is twice the fun! Try it out. Be ready to show off your weirdness to the world. See sample below.

Ice skate. I go back to my first love right when I get the free time from school. I've also brought some friends and they liked it, too! I've been skaring for 12 years and I miss the sport badly. Just last week I skated again and thankfully I still got my spins and jumps! I'm looking forward to skating in the new rink in SM Megamall soon (calling all SM Megamall skaters!) this year. Ice skating is a fun but a bit tricky for beginners. You may visit SM Ice Skating for details.

Reading hilarious tweets. These are good pick me up's when you're having a bad. The '____pls' are insane! It looks annoying to read but I can't help but laugh especially when it's relatable. The UAAP Memes, Common White Girl, Stinson SaysKoya Kem and Señora Santibañez are just as hilarious too! 

and last, but not the least ..

Eat and sleep. 
Need I say more? I mean who doesn't love doing any of the two?

And there you have it! These are just some activities that keep me entertained while I'm bored. How about you, what do you do when you're idle? Feel free to share yours below! :-)