Candy Photo Challenge: August (Instagram)

I always see these photo challenges going on Instagram where a user takes a photo of  whatever is written or assigned for that certain day and posts it. I wanted to try it out myself so I picked the Candy Photo Challenge for August! In this activity the apps I used here are Afterlight, Aviary, Picframe, PicsArt, Piclab, Diptic and Squaready. I also maximixed the usage of overlays that I found on Instagram and Tumblr. You can click the photo to enlarge it. Enjoy!!

(L-R, clockwise)

Day 1: Maganda 
(Taken during my JS Prom just last February)
Day 2: Araw 
(I've always been a fan of sunsets, this is a silhouette shot of my Bielmann/Scorpion)
Day 3: Dagat
(One of my favorite photos from last summer)
Day 4: Kalikasan 
(Shot at El Nido, Palawan)

Day 5: Masaya 
(A candid photo of my friends and I in school)
Day 6: Filipino Problems
 (A random photo I found online, photo NOT mine)
Day 7: Snapchat
 (I love its doodle features)
Day 8: Magandang Umaga 
(Shared my favorite Bible verse)

Day 9: Ulan 
(A screenshot of my friend and I playing in the storm.. lol)
Day 10: Sa Labas
 (I just love the light here!)
Day 11: Kaibigan
 (My favorite photo of my ice skating best friends I during one of my friends' debut)
Day 12:  Kilig 
(This book made my heart melt.. and cry.)

Day 13: Paaralan 
(taken before the DLSU vs ADu game in Araneta Colisseum with my 2k13 rookies)
Day 14: Laruan 
(See more about this post here)
Day 15: Teleserye 
(Photoshoot for a Broadway On Ice Production years back)
Day 16: Baliktad 
(An ice skating spin called the "Haircutter" taken in the competition I competed at in San Jose, CA last July 2009)


Day 17: Kalye 
(Photoshoot for Viktoria Couture & Designs)
Day 18: Minsan
 (It's not all the time that you mimic a Barbie, right?)
Day 19: Harana 
(The Piano Guys are coming over to the Philippines on 7 September!)
Day 20: Palamig
 (Taken during Typhoon Maring, two guards from DLSU still smiling after all the distress and flood happening in school)

Day 21: Dilaw
 (Yummy burger meal I had for lunch at Bohol)
Day 22: Kamay
 (The cutesy Hello Kitty Swarovski pen was given by my ninang)
Day 23: Talikod
 (Photoshoot for Viktoria Couture & Designs)
Day 24: Paborito
 (Favorite family photo)


Day 25: #pagmaytime 
(During my free time I love to travel!)
Day 26: Bayani
 (My parents are my heroes and they celebrated their 20th anniversary last 27th)
Day 27: Gutom
 (What I had for lunch during my stay in Bohol)
Day 28: Kikay 
(A photoshoot I had just recently. I was called 'Kikay' back in elementary)

Day 29: Libro 
(One of my favorite book quotes)
Day 30: Pinoy
(Spotted a Hello Kitty bus at Bohol)
Day 29: Panaginip 
(Been dreaming of the old ice skating rink in SM Megamall since it closed)

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