Today had been mawkish for us Seniors. Today broke a record of numerous last's: the last day of graduation practice, the last day in a TSMS PE Uniform, the last day in the classroom, the last day as a TSMS student, and more importantly, the last day of high school. Graduation's tomorrow, and to be honest, it still hasn't sunk in to me. Yep, graduation's about sixteen hours from now and I feel like it's just a typical, procrastinated Thursday night.

Aside from grad practice, we also signed each others' PE shirts. For about two hours, everyone circulated around the room signing shirts here and there. The way I saw how the classroom looked like earlier, we looked like tumbling dominos. Tumbling, COLORFUL, dominos.

My shirt signed by my awesome batchmates!

I'm. Not. Ready. To. Say. Good. Bye. 

Quoting from High School Musical 3: Senior Year, "High school wasn't meant to last forever".  It's hard to let go of something you have grasped unto for years, but life must go on. 
Thank you, TSMS, for the memories. Nope, I'm not pulling out a travel pack of ply tissue..