Blame It On September: Ringin' the Bells

On the way home from my appointment with the dermatologist today, I happen to see a few stalls that displayed Christmas parols and lights- stars of different shapes and sizes, colorful fringes that hung underneath them; Santa Clause and His Deer, a Snowman, a portrayal of the Birth of Christ and many others that assembled Christmas. Since it was dark already by the time we drove by, these merry luminosities stood out and gleamed its colors of their unique kind-  may it be maroon, blue, pink, white, green, yellow, gold or red. It occurred to be that we are more than halfway through the year 2012, and the Christmas bells would be ringin' in the country any time soon.

In the Philippines, Christmas season begins during the "ber" months- September, October and November, and is mainly celebrated during December. It has set a record of being the country that celebrates the Christmas season the longest. That's one thing I am proud of in being a Filipino. Indeed, Christmas is more fun in the Philippines! What makes it fun spending Christmas in the Philippines? The caroling, eating the letchon, queso de bola, putobumbongleche flan, attending the Simbang Gabi, playing the Secret Santa game, wrapping and giving gifts, attending the Christmas parties and bazaars, hearing Christmas songs being played at the mall, finding a Santa Clause at EVERY mall, parol making.. but the best part for me would probably spending the festive holiday with your family.

I am looking forward to celebrating Christmas this year. Every Christmas to me is memorable- after all, Christmas IS my favorite holiday of the year! My family and I spend Christmas Eve with the Soledad's, while we spend Christmas day with the Vitangcol's! Three of my most memorable Christmases would probably be Christmas 2007- the last Christmas I spent with my great grandfather, Christmas 2009- the first Christmas I spent at the hospital (my brother Yan was confined then because he was diagnosed with the Hirschprung disease then), and last Christmas- my first white Christmas. (Check out Party in the USA!)

It's time to get those Christmas Countdowns out! Here's to the next four months of jubilant and joyful merriment- the Filipino way!

Christmas 2007. Rockin' them full bangs. Ye-uh.

Christmas 2009. We went to the hospital during Christmas Eve
to visit my brother Yan. My parents convinced my brother Ty
and I to join my other relatives in celebrating Christmas Eve
at my grandparents' house. We agreed but were saddened by the
fact that we would not be able to celebrate Christmas together
as a complete, immediate family. We returned to the hospital
the following day.

Christmas 2011. I feel blessed having the chance to spend a White Christmas
up on the snowy hills of Big Bear, California. My old friend Lizl Leonardo was also
in California that time so we spent time together. I was also blessed to spend
Christmas for the first time with my cousins from the US.