Yan Vitangcol @ 12

My brother and his cute game face! Hihi (:
Taken during my Sweet Sixteen
My youngest brother Yan turned 12 last May 10 and this is his third time to celebrate his birthday by playing Laser Tag! My brother is very fond of playing it, and so am I, even if I'm not a good player! He invited his classmates to play with him and I invited my best friend Anna to tag along and play as well! It was a really fun day. I enjoyed playing it with the eleven and twelve year olds as well as with my best friend Anna and brother Ty (talk about being "senior citizen".. lol)

My best friend Anna and I!
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Game on!

My team

Ready to play!

My brother really enjoyed playing that he was smiling while doing so. Haha!


... including me.

Spot the dark circles under my eyes? O.O
Look at my face. I really took the laser tag games way TOO seriously that I won first for the two games out of three ..  against my brothers, my best friend, and my brother's classmates.
*modesty aside*

After three fun games, we all had dinner at Shakey's.

Happy birthday, Yan! 
Ate loves you! (;