Jiao-Soledad Nuptials ♡

One of the reasons why the Silverio clan would be having a reunion this month is because my Uncle Michael, or Macky, what he is fondly called, is getting married! We're all excited for my Tito and fiancée, Tita Lyn! The long wait is over and they're finally getting married!

 The wedding ceremony was held at the St. Mark's Lutheran Church while the reception was held at the Admiral Kidd Club both at San Diego, California. The wedding's theme was black and white. During the wedding ceremony, Tita Lyn beautifully sang "Two Words" (Lea Salonga) during the exchanging of vows and that really touched me and almost made me cry! So many guests teared up during the wedding including the pastor of the wedding, pastor Jogy! I was glad I got to see old family friends and relatives at the wedding too. It was nice to see the Soledad siblings that consisted of my Tita Miles, my mom, Tita Audrey, twins Tito Chuck and Tito Mac- and of course, my Lolo Roger and Lola Mely- COMPLETE, after five years!  The bride's maid of honor was Tita Faye Cho, Tita Lyn's sister; while the groom's two best men were my Tito Mark Silverio and Tito Dustin Eugenio.

The reception was fun- we came in around two hours before the reception itself to decorate and make some final touches for the place. I have to admit, my feet hurt during the wedding ceremony so during decoration period, I just wore slippers to rest my feet, and planned to wear my heels again when the reception starts. I ended up wearing my slippers for the rest of the night- and it was my FIRST time to go to a formal event wearing slippers! It wasn't obvious because my beautiful gown made by Viktoria Couture & Designs was long enough to cover it! It was indeed one of the best nights so far of this trip and I had fun clean "partying" with my relatives. 

A week before the wedding, my mom and the other Silverio cousins helped out in organizing important things undone for the wedding. I must say, the family team work paid off because the ceremony and the reception was successful! Everybody had fun, there were no disasters and the newlyweds were really happy and thankful- and that's what really mattered. 

Wishing the best for Tito Macky and Tita Lyn as they start their new life together as husband and wife! :) 

Complete Soledad family excluding Kuya DJ Magbanua. :-(

Soledad girls :)

Kulitan moments!

With Tito Macky! 

Baby Giulia playing with the iTouch, using it as a "phone" before the ceremony started

Tita Lyn was tearing up :')

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Soledad ♡

The view outside the reception venue!

Silverio cousins!

Silverio family ♡

Glad to see my Ninong Cyril after so many years!

Mother-son dance :)

Party time!

Baby G "knocked out" from all the partying haha!

Money dance with my Tito!

Kulitan moments within the Soledad siblings.. lol!

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