75° Medium Well

Me & my delicious porterhouse!

On the last Tuesday evening of February, my family and I were having our typical daily dinners together at home. The discussion on the table, was food. We talked about all sorts- fruits, vegetables, deserts, our favorite foods, and the like, when my dad suddenly blurted out of no where:

"I'd love to have it done seventy five degrees,"

Silence. kroooooo, kroooooo.

My brother, Yanboy, broke the awkward. "Huh?" he laughed upon saying it.

"Seventy five degrees," my dad repeated, and smiled. Mom just sat there, quietly, smiling.

"Dad, I don't get it," I chucked.

"Would anyone want to make a guess?" my dad asked.

I thought for a while, I thought of steak. "Uhh.. medium rare?

"Close," my dad winked.

"Well done?" my brothers Yanboy and Tyron asked in unison.

"Medium WELL," dad finally said, smiling, as he looked at my mom.

My mouth watered as I pictured the delicious and soft steak that I had for dinner last Valentine's Day (See The Greatest Love Of All (Valentine's Day 2012) ). "What's with steak? You're making me crave for it, dad." I licked my lips, smirked, and laughed.

"Well, we are going to 22 Prime on Saturday for mom's birthday dinner. It's a formal dinner. It's voted as one of the best restaurants in the country of 2011." dad announced.

"Awesome," my brothers said.

"Remember that we'll be in our dresses and polos," mom reminded us.

"I can't wait to eat the steak again." was the only reply I gave.

Fast forward to Saturday, we all went to Discovery Suites, took the elevator flights above to the twenty second floor where 22 Prime restaurant was located. We all ordered steak for dinner- T-Bones for us three siblings, a porter house for mom, and angus beef for dad. When asked how we want it done, it was daddy who first replied: seventy five degrees. The waitress, who immediately understood what my dad said, simply wrote down her order, smiled, and said, "Alright, Sir." Everyone laughed.

Upon waiting for the appetizers, the waitress held out a box that displayed knives. My brothers and I were fascinated. "These are steak knives, you get to pick which knife you prefer for cutting your steak," she explained. All five of us got the knives that matched our preference.

Bread was served for appetizers, and then came the steaks. I ordered the T-Bone steak, and it was very delicious and yes, it was WELL DONE! My brothers and parents enjoyed their steaks as well.

The waiters and waitresses served my mom a slice of red velvet cake with a lighted candle and sang a "happy birthday" for her. We joined along with the singing and my mom was delighted.

It was indeed a good night I spent with my family to celebrate my mom's birthday. The next time I order steak, I'd want it seventy five degrees, medium well, just like the way my dad wants it done. 

My outfit for the night!
Dress from Mags :)

Tyron's TBone steak!

Mom's porterhouse!

Daddy's angus beef!

Brother Yan's Tbone..

With the birthday celebrant :)

Happy birthday mom!