Waka Waka: Music Video Shoot (Project Making)

Our class was tasked to create a music video as African or Latin American music as the genre of the song. We were divided into groups, and I was grouped with Kim, Aira, Jon, Wesley, Tim and Larence. Our group decided to do Waka Waka by Shakira. We had a blast shooting the music video at the gazebo of our school! Other people helped out on our shoot, we acknowledged them in our music video credits. :)

I did the choreography and the editing of the video .. and I'm really terrible at both of it. I did my best anyway. =))

Here's some "behind the scenes" of the shoot!

Watch the video here! ;)

Dramatic Tim.

Sup, Jaime! ;)

Jon and Kathleen playing "Gonggi" (Korean Jackstone).

Michael helped out with the music. Thank you for the help! :)

Jon Antonio

Wesley Guevarra

Tim Gorubat

Kim Go

Larence Bataller

Aira Cristobal


Wesley, I don't think leaves would serve as a good substitute for a bra..


Tim .. feat Sho!

Oh my. =)))

The other side of Wesley. :))

Spot Sho in the Waka Waka music video! ;)

Tim's got Model Material. :>

Excuse my epic face. =))

I had a blast shooting the video! Thanks everyone! >:D<