A 'Delirious' December

One of the most anticipated events of the school year is the Foundation Day or the school fair. I have been studying at The Seed Montessori School since 2009. The Seed's fair is just one of the few things I'm going to miss when I graduate. 

The Seed Montessori School was founded on October 15, 1988 by Ms. Teresa Palma-Bonifacio, Mr. Noel P. Morales (the school's president) and Ms. Mavis Bonifacio-Morales (the school's principal). Every year, we celebrate the school's foundation day every third Friday of October by throwing a fair - booths, mini-bazaars, food stalls and inflatables are in store for everyone of all ages. Since the school's dome finished just last December, the fair was moved to that month as well. The dome officially opened last 10 December 2012 and we celebrated the school's foundation day ten days after. 

It is a tradition in The Seed that the Seniors man the horror and jail booth. Of course, my batch mates and I were very much looking forward to this opportunity ever since freshman year.  Who would have thought that managing the horror and jail booth would be more fun but twice as hard compared to the regular booths? 

Horror Booth before ...

.. and after.

Thanks to my supportive brother! Ahahaha

"DELIRIUM: 'You've Got Nothing To Lose But Your Mind'"
(I wasn't able to take a lot of photos since I had a whole day shift!)

That same month, we held our last ever Christmas party together as high school students. Our Christmas party's theme was a costume party! Haven't you noticed my classmates and I love to dress up? (Check out Creative Juices!) ;) Out of the four Christmas parties I attended during high school, I consider this one the best.

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Arvel Alvarez
Jon Antonio