Isn't She Lovely?

In observance to the high school juniors' NCAE (National Career Assessment Examination) today, the freshmen, sophomores and seniors didn't have classes. Another "no classes day" for the month of August! (See my previous post!) My friends came over to my place to shoot a video for our economics project which was a commercial. We originally wanted a hair product for our endorsement, so we chose Cynthia as our main character since she was the one with the longest hair length amongst us, until we saw her transform into someone really different. She looked really beautiful with her look, and she really pulled off her modeling and the acting in the commercial itself! We were really impressed that and surprised to see her come out of her shell. Cynthia is actually the shy and quiet type of girl. What took our breath away was that we saw a different side of her- she didn't look like she was the girl behind the books and the spectacles, but a confident and outgoing young lady. Instead of pushing through with the idea of endorsing a hair product, we chose Lactacyd Feminine Wash since her look and confidence was more fit for it. We brain-stormed ideas and shot the commercial in the morning while we spent the afternoon full of laughs, munching fries and slurping ice creams from Mcdonald's while editing the project. 

Behind the scenes!

At first, Cynthia was too shy to wear a dress since it was "too revealing" for her.
She had the courage to try it out and ended up looking great!

Wrapping up a fun shoot!

My best friend Ica plays the piano very well. :)

This is Cynthia.. "before"...

.. and after! ;)

This is Cynthia's profile picture on Facebook. Isn't she lovely? ;)

Cynthia, Ica and I wanted some fresh air so we took a short stroll.

Cynthia curled my hair while we were editing the video. I am so proud of this girl! :)

Watch the video here!