Holy Week 2012

It's been weeks since Holy Week and I didn't get to blog about it, been busy with some other important things! Thankfully, I found the time to do so- which is now! Anyway, here it goes!

For this year's Holy Week, my family and I didn't get to do anything much. For Maundy Thursday, Black Saturday and Easter Sunday, we just rested and spent some time with the Soledad's in my Lola Mely's house. My mom's parents came home from the US along with my grandmother's sister, Tita Sally, and my mom's brother, Tito Chuck's daughter, Giuliana. 

For Good Friday, we went fishing at Pampanga! We woke up at 4am to get ready and left Manila at 5am. Being a teenager who's not really into sleeping early, I felt really groggy and quite grumpy due to the lack of sleep. We went there along with my mom's sisters and their families, too. Despite the extreme heat that day, it was nice seeing the sun rise, spending time with the family and of course, the fishing itself! It was hard to catch the fish because the fishes were so heavy, they even ate the entire hook and eventually, when we reel our fishing rods, the hook is gone! Luckily, I got the chance to catch one large Catfish, and same goes to everyone- my parents, brothers, cousins, and even Yaya Julie!

Anikin's stroked to fish!

Mom helping Anikin with the fishing rod

Look how heavy the fish is, the fishing rod's bent already!

Hello, catfish!
The one that got away.. haha

Anika caught this huge catfish!

I caught one!

We caught lots of fish which weighed about 12 kg. hooray!

On the eve of Easter Sunday, we had movie night at my lola's house. Steak was served for dinner and it was delicious! We watched The Encounter, a Christian movie directed by David A.R. White. It's about five strangers who get lost on their way due to a storm. They all end up in a diner where a man named Jesus, takes care of them and makes them feel hospitable and welcome. This man turns out to be Jesus CHRIST. He tries to 'save' these five strangers and tells them of His promises and plans to each of them. This movie has been added to my 'favorite movies list' and I got goosebumps while watching it.

"I've got a plan for each of you- a PERFECT plan. All you have to do, is believe in Me."
- Jesus Christ