MARCHin' Away: The Last Nestea

The Nestea bottle that reminds me of March 9, 2012!

Of all twelve months that makes up a year, March is my favorite month for many reasons:

1.) March is FINALS month in school. It's the month where we take our final exams, complete requirements for our clearance (which I must admit, is quite a hassle), a "farewell party" is held and at this time around, where the school year is ending, this is where OPEN FORUMS are conducted. In my school, for my class, every March, at least a week before the school year ends, an open forum is held inside the classroom. Everyone gathers up in a circle and opens up feelings or anything one classmate has to say about the other. Most of the time, those students involved in feuds make up, misunderstanding cleared out  and constructive criticisms are spoken out as well for the benefit of each student, including teachers. On March 9, an Open Forum was held in my class and everyone "went all out". We poured out all our heartaches to our adviser, and she did the same. Everyone was so open and so honest and that's when everyone felt so loved and so accepted in the class, after nine whole months together... (Note, the classroom turns into a crying room when open forums are held.) We all said our sorry's, cried and gave a great big group hug! That same day, a Nestea Drinking Contest was held within my class. The last person who finishes one bottle of Nestea Iced Tea would have to crawl under everyone's legs. Apparently, I was the last person who didn't get to finish her drink right on time. I had difficulty gulping all the super ICY iced tea because I had a sore throat plus my braces just got off that time, so I didn't know exactly "how to drink fast" with my retainers on. (What is fail?) so after the Easter Egg Hunt within our class for TLE time, the contest was held and I got my consolation price. It was hilarious that I got exhausted rolling in the grass while laughing my butt out. It was indeed a good day for 3A (the name of my class). Before I forget, I would like to congratulate my class for doing a job well done at the Noli Me Tangere play that SAME day! I played Doña Victorina, the arrogant and flamboyant doña who think she's all superior, wife of Don Tiburcio de Espandaña, and aunt of Linares de Espandaña.

Pictured with me is Kim Go, who played Sisa, the mother of Basilio and Crispin who turns crazy.
Excuse the excessive make-up, it was intended to look that way.

Goofing off when the play was over!

The entire class. Three cheers for a job well done! Pictured on the far right, on my left, wearing a blue plaid blouse is my Filipino teacher, Ms. Gina Flores.

March 16, 2012 was the day of our Class Farewell Party and "Splash", the class' summer party held at my grandparents' house! I had a good time at both parties! Everyone in class got teary eyed in the class party when our adviser said her farewell speech, but the party vibes kicked in when everyone started jumping and dancing!

Everyone in class had to bring shades and wear the class shirt! Pictured with me is my best friend Ica and Anna.

With my adviser, teacher Dolly!

Awesome shirt design by Ava Tuñgol and Louise Marfil

There are other more reasons why I love this month. Stay tuned for my next blogpost! ;)